My New Website!

1st March 2019

For a few years now I have neglected my own website, preferring instead to post new work on Deviantart, which has a thriving fractal art community, and Behance / Adobe Portfolio. The Zenphoto platform I was previously using had become a bit dated and somehow I lacked both the enthusiasm and time to improve it.

Having learned the basics of Joomla last year while developing another website, I felt it was time to challenge myself to learn some new skills and re-build and update my own, so this is the result. As well as Joomla, the site uses Ignitegallery (a Joomla extension) and Yootheme.

Hopefully the new website will allow me a little more professionalism and flexibility, the ability to incorporate my journal which has slowly been building on Deviantart since January 2015, as well as being a place to display my work and develop my portfolio.

So, please bear with me as I gradually add my fractal art galleries, which now represent some twenty years' work, as well as some more recent digital art, photography and fractal art resources.

I welcome any feedback you may have - please let me know via the Contact Us page.

Journal Entries


Fractal Art

Fractal Art



Photograhy by Tina Oloyede

Digital Art

Digital Art by Tina Oloyede

aartika! fractal art

by Tina Oloyede
aartika! fractal art by Tina Oloyede



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