Fractal Art Exhibitions

by Tina Oloyede
The Art of Infinity Fractal Art Exhibition

The Art of Infinity

Nature in Art Museum, Twigworth, UK

20th March - 15th April 2007

The key feature of the exhibition was to tie in fractal art to the various fractal forms that so often occur in nature itself. In addition to the art exhibition, which ran from March 20th to April 15th 2007, a well attended evening event was organised at which Tina Oloyede gave a lecture introducing the concept of fractals in nature and fractal art, which was received with great interest and enthusiasm by the guests who attended.  


At the Edge of Infinity - Art through Mathematics

At The Edge of Infinity

Art through Mathematics, Kent, UK

Tour : 7th - 20th January 2006

A touring exhibition with educational workshops on board Kent County Council's Arts Bus as part of their "Arts In Motion" project.

17 prints of Tina Oloyede's fractal art were chosen to go on display in this exhibition, which included workshops designed to give visitors an introduction to the concept of fractal art, together with some hands on experience using the software Ultra Fractal.


Eifiona by Tina Oloyede, ICM 2006

International Congress of Mathemeticians

Fractal Art Contest & Exhibition, Madrid, Spain

The International Congress of Mathemeticians hold a global conference every four years which, in 2006, was held in Madrid, Spain.

To commemorate the event and as a tribute to Benoit Mandelbrot, a Fractal Art exhibition took place at the Centro Cultural Conde Duque and at the Congress site itself. It exhibited works by fractal artists from all over the world, selected by competition .


Borderland Visual Arts Open Studios 2006

Borderland Visual Arts

Small Picture Show 2006
Borderland Visual Arts Open Studios 2006

Borderland Visual Arts

Open Studios 2006


Fractal Art

Fractal Art



Photograhy by Tina Oloyede

Digital Art

Digital Art by Tina Oloyede

aartika! fractal art

by Tina Oloyede
aartika! fractal art by Tina Oloyede



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