International Congress of Mathematicians

Fractal Art Exhibition, Madrid, 2006
Every four years the International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM) meets to discuss mathematics and to present Fields medals. For the 2006 ICM, held in Madrid, a Fractal Art Exhibition was held.
The artwork was selected via a Fractal Art Contest, hosted by Fractalus.
'Eifiona' by Tina Oloyede, was one of the sixteen winning entries.


by Tina Oloyede


"Tina Oloyede left her profession as a medical doctor to become a self-taught fractal artist, a passion and obsession since 1999. Residing in England, she balances her artistic activity with the care of her young family. She is actually one of the most versatile and publicly-appreciated fractal artists. For this picture she used 13 different formulas: 7 for building the basic structure of the image, 3 for adding different textures, and another 3 for controlling the coloring of the image. The name of the picture, "Eifiona," is the Welsh name of a friend of the artist, who ordered the image with one condition, that it be of "The Autumn" and in return granted absolute freedom to make the design and finish of the image. Tina Oloyede's capacity for artistic expression is unquestionable; it is impossible to see this picture without an autumnal image appearing in our mind."

Benoit Mandelbrot

I feel very honoured to have this photo (taken by Damien M Jones) of the late Professor Benoit Mandelbrot and his wife, with exhibition organiser, Javier Barrallo, at the exhibition inspecting the framed print of Eifiona!
For more inormation about the contest and the exhibition itself, please visit the official website.
Fractal Art
Photograhy by Tina Oloyede
Digital Art by Tina Oloyede